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    Posted on January 1, 2011 by in Blog

    So recently, my better half and I decided to rescue a Rottweiler. We had the good fortune of being paired with the absolute sweetest, most loving, and well behaved 1 year, 4 month old Rottweiler girl I have ever met. Her name is Ravin. Paws down, Ravin would win the perfect dog competition every time. Okay, okay, maybe not everytime, but none the less, she truly is perfect.

    On to the moral of the story. She likes to lay behind my chair as I work, and occasionally I will hear her squeak as she is dreaming, or see her paws twitching… you know the story. Well, I just experienced a first. As I am working, I hear this thumping behind me, so I turn around and look, and to my surprise, shes sprawled out, flat on the floor, with tail in motion. Confused, I glance to her eyes, and clearly she is in a dream state, and all the while, her tail is rhythmically thumping away. I cannot say I have ever seen a dog wag their tail while sleeping, but I take that as a good sign she is at least having happy dreams in her new home.

    I have been touched by this sweetheart, and completely amazed at her ability to quickly adapt to her new family and environment… Might I add, we haven’t even had her a total of two weeks yet and she has adjusted seamlessly.

    If you ever have the desire and ability to adopt a Rott for life, please visit the Big Sky Rott Rescue, http://www.bigskyrottrescue.org/, as they do an absolutely fantastic job of rescuing and rehabilitating these wonderful, life long partners.

    Sleep wagging, how cool is that?

    Thanks Big Sky Rott Rescue.

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  1. A OK says:

    Curious if you’ve seen her run in her sleep yet? That’s always interesting, too.

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