• Connection Refused – Tortoise Plink, Svn, Netbeans, Subversion

    Posted on December 17, 2010 by in Blog

    I stumbled onto a rather problematic issue this morning. While attempting to work on one of my development sites, I did an svn update via NetBeans 9.6.1, and was immediately returned ‘Connection Refused’ from the server. Without really having any idea what was wrong, I opened up PUTTY, loaded my connection settings for this site, and then connected.. Everything worked fine. So, I began to wonder what could be causing this? A Tortoise SVN software update, and a reboot later, I am still afflicted with the same issue.

    Luckily google exists, and other people have also experienced this problem.. It turns out, the other day, while working on another site which used a port different from the standard ssh port 22, I overwrote the ‘Default Port Settings’ in PUTTY, causing this problem… I was unaware Tortoise Plink used PUTTY for communication, let alone PUTTY’s default setting for the SSH port, but it turns out that it does.. So after changing the default port back to 22, and saving that as the ‘Default Settings,’ everything is back in order.

    Should you experience a similar problem, let me know, I would be excited to hear I helped someone through this time consuming and mysterious issue.

    Good luck,

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