• “Listen to this device” on Windows has a delay.

    Posted on March 15, 2018 by in Blog

    Tech Tidbit of the day #2:

    Recently I’ve gotten back into Video and Audio recording on my PC.. The issue I’ve always had in the past while trying to record audio, is, the audio coming from the speakers is delayed by a short amount, like 100ms, but it makes playing a guitar or listening to vocals through the computer, live, almost impossible.

    In the past I’ve gone into the Sound Recording options, clicked Properties on my Microphone, Clicked the Listen tab and then selected “Listen to this device”…But that always yielded a slight delay, and made voice chat through Teamspeak really difficult..

    The new better way is as follows: First, undo the previous step in the Recording Tab by unchecking the “Listen to this device” option. Then click “OK” and go the “Playback” tab. Select your playback device and use “Properties” button. Select the “Levels” tab, scroll down, unmute the microphone, and raise the volume level.. I had many inputs on my device and had to test each one till I found the correct one.. This removed the delay for me.

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