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    Posted on October 6, 2010 by in Blog

    It has been a rather genuinely long journey, filled with many highlights, and many disappointments. Though as it were, like every long journey, there is an end. Maybe the end isn’t expected as much as it’s is surprising, it still is an end…

    I stand at the conclusion of a long path; one which has led me home. I lie here alongside my family, once again under the same roof, with news of my own domain, awaiting my arrival in Steilacoom, Washington.

    Today I learned that, pending inspection, I am the proud owner of a brand used house! It is so very much what I hadn’t expected; surrounded by similar homes, all sharing similar lots and dreams. But one thing is for sure… I can call this 9350 sqft of land mine; and should you step foot on it you’d better wear a warm welcome and invitation… or you may never be able to leave…

    In all honesty, I warmly welcome all friends and family. Just don’t expect to leave before having a wonderful time.

    Proud new home owner; master of his own domain; dealer of the hand he’s been dealt; seeker of eternity; Dusty.

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